A Simpler Season: Review and Giveaway

Written by editor Nicole Bennett of Gidget Goes Home

Well, it”s official. I”ve broken down and busted out a bit of Christmas music and packed my Operation Christmas Child box. Yep, the holidays are officially upon us.

I figure since Thanksgiving is sneaking up on us, all early and whatnot this year, that I might as well get in the spirit a bit early.

I”m hoping that in doing so, extending the season a bit, it will make things seem less rushed. Because try as I may to not wait till the last minute, things always feel rushed for the handmade-minded girl that I am.

If you can at all relate to me, and if you find yourself craving a simpler, more enjoyable holiday season, then I have a treat for you today.

My friend Jessica (of Life as MOM and ) has written a great eBook to get us in the right mindset for yesA Simpler Season.

Just reading the title of her book makes me want to inhale and sink deep into a cozy chair in front of a fireplace and a decorated Christmas tree.

It”s enticing to be sure, the idea of slowing down enough to thoroughly enjoy the season.

A Simpler Season is full of practical ideas and tools for taking things down a notch and ways to help us define our priorities for the season so we can cut out the meaningless fluff.

I”m already planning a little sit-down with David so we can look through her book together and workout what our holiday season will look like this year, and as a mom of littles, I”m thrilled to choose some of her activities (and recipes!) to add to our family”s homeschool and play time.

Here’s what’s included in A Simpler Season:

  • creative ideas for celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s
  • over 150 pages of content: ideas, recipes, and inspiration for planning a special holiday season with your family
  • 70 printable pages: calendars, to do sheets, inventories, and planning pages
  • games and activities to do with the kids
  • 24 family activity cards to print and do over the month of December
  • printable recipe and gift cards to help you make edible gifts
  • a variety of family devotional ideas to explore with your family
  • a list of children’s books to enjoy as well as extension activities to do with your children after the reading
  • family-friendly recipes for the each of the winter holidays
  • questions to get you thinking about how you really want to spend your time this year
  • easy downloadable format in pdf or on kindle


Jessica has been kind enough to offer us a few copies of her book for a giveaway.

Today 3 lucky Simple Homemade winners will win a copy of A Simpler Season.

To enter, simply leave a comment telling me what your most looking forward to as we enter the holiday season.

Giveaway will end Saturday, November 10th, at midnight PST. Good luck!

Special thanks to Jessica for the review copy of this book!

About Nicole

Nicole can be found blogging at her lifestyle blog GidgetGoesHome.com, and is the editor of Simple Homemade. She loves to read, sew, make ice cream, take pictures, watch baseball and go for walks by the beach with her hubby and three little kiddos. She loves anything handmade and is affectionately known as a bit of a hippie among family and friends.


  1. This will be my son’s first holiday season, I look forward to start traditions as a family that will last forever. I do love the holidays it was always a magical time when I was growing up, I hope to help my child have fond memories as my parents did for me.

  2. I’m looking forward to carol singing around our village with friends and then warming up with mulled wine or hot chocolate afterwards! It’s often cold and frosty (one year we actually had snow!) and the children love it as much as I do.

  3. I look forward to the many traditions we have built through the years. Cookie baking, gingerbread house making, hand print ornaments, movies, music, candlelight services…so many things we do together every year. I hope to add a few more this year with our granddaughters. Thanks for the chance.

  4. I look forward to blasting the air conditioner (it will be the middle of summer here) and piling into the living room to sleep under the tree with the whole family – our tree decorating day tradition. I also can’t wait to see my kids lit up with delight on Christmas morning. My oldest had so much fun last year… but this year he will be almost three and it will be awesome to watch him really *get* it. My littlest was a newborn last year so it will just be nice to not have him sleeping through Christmas this year! 😉

    I’m so excited for this giveway. I would love to win this book!!

  5. I love how excited my five year old gets about decorating. He loves it!

  6. Im looking forward to being with extended family and baking lots of cookies.

  7. I am most looking forward to being with my family and baking while listening to christmas music. most specifically, baking pies!!

  8. I love how excited my kids are about Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. They are 4 & 2. It seems like every year passes us by before I even know it, and this year I want to slow down and really enjoy the holiday season. Concentrating on my husband and kids and making sure we have fun activities, but not going constantly is what I am looking forward to!

  9. AnnMarieK says:

    I am most looking forward to the change of seasons, specifically taking winter walks with my husband and dog at night and admiring the absolute stillness, snow crunching under our feet, and stars that seem to only come out around Christmastime.

  10. I always most look toward the family get-togethers, especially the baking with my MIL and SIL, and the sweet treats my mom and kids and I all make together. It seems to be a yearly tradition, and the ‘fruits’ are so sweet of that time!
    Sarah M

  11. For us, what we look most forward to is the possibility of completely changing the focus of our lives during Advent and up to Christmas, trying to keep a religious holiday as opposed to a hugely commercial bazaar.

  12. I am looking forward to time with the family. It will actually be a slow time for us. I can’t wait.

  13. The cookie swap, getting to stay home for Christmas this year, and the new little people nativity scene we have this year. I’m rather excited to get going, but Hubby asks that Christmas not start till after Thanksgiving is done. (He’s not one for the holiday hub-bub anyways.

  14. Jessica Saunders says:

    looking forward to time off from work to spend with my little family!

  15. I’m looking forward to our annual cooking competition on Christmas Eve!

  16. Driving around and looking at christmas lights. We love that.

  17. A break from working to spend much needed time with the family

  18. Just more time with family! Oh, and the food of course! :)

  19. looking forward to spending more quality time together snuggled under blankets by the fire

  20. I am most looking forward to having my whole family around, watching Christmas movies and playing games together.

  21. I look forward to cooking and family

  22. I am looking forward to spending time with the family and my son’s friends from the Czech Republic.

  23. I am looking forward to the special activities that the “advent fairies” have my daughter and I do all through December.

  24. I cannot wait to travel from my home in Florida to see my family in Michigan and meet my new nephew for the first time!!

  25. I’m most looking forward to our evening Christmas special or movie watching (with a treat and hot chocolate of course!).

  26. I’m looking forward to driving to see family instead of the series of long flights we’ve done every year for the last seven years!

  27. We’ve been trying to cut back on Christmas for the past few years. We stopped buying silly made in China things, focused more on shopping locally, worked on memorable experiences like ice skating, skiing, making allergen safe cookies, memorable family times etc.
    I’m really hoping to continue that going forward, enjoy the season but avoid the shopping. I’d love to see her recommendations.

  28. I’m looking forward to having my oldest daughter home from college!

  29. A cup of cocoa (or glass of wine!) with my husband by the light of the Christmas tree after all of our shopping, wrapping and preparations are complete and our little one is tucked in for the night. .

  30. Amanda Rae Smith says:

    Our 2 year old will be able to understand the holidays a little better this year!

  31. This Holiday season (starting with Thanksgiving and running through New Years) will be a special one for my family. After an extended family meeting (All brothers,sisters, nieces and nephews) we have decided to make this Christmas one that will bring the true meaning of Christmas back. All gifts are homemade, thoughtful and useful. Any monies that we save from our normal Christmas budget will be donated to local charities that will use them to make the holidays brighter for those in need.

  32. Looking forward to all the magical family moments! Working really hard to simplify my life and days so I can REALLY enjoy them and not rush through it this year.

  33. I am looking forward to decorating with lots of lights and continuing to build our holiday traditions. The kids are already getting so excited to see the pretty lighted trees.

  34. I am looking forward to my home being filled with immediate and extended family as well as Christian family and friends. I look forward to serving others and showing the love of Christ to everyone that I come in contact with. Giving gifts of love from my kitchen happens to be one of my greatest joys, year round and especially during the holiday season.

  35. Christmas is my favorite holiday :-) I look forward to spending time with family and baking cookies, but most of all I love the look of wonder on my kids faces at the little magical things throughout the season.

  36. Continuing family traditions with my girls… gingerbread houses, decorating the house, homemade gifts & cocoa while driving around looking at Christmas lights.

  37. Lynne Dardanell says:

    I look forward to all of the wonderful scents of the holiday season: pine, spruce, cinnamon, cloves, peppermint, and all the joyous food smells: turkey and stuffing roasting in the oven, cookies baking, cider brewing. To me all of these scents conjure up holiday images, family traditions, childhood joys, remembrances of loves ones, and all the things we can be thankful about.

  38. I would love a copy of that book. Im looking firsard to trying to grt as much done in nov and early dec to enjoy the holiday with my daughter. We love to cut down our own tree decorate the house listen to.mudic and make yummy treats i look forward to it all once all the work is done! Thank you!

  39. Our kids are old enough this year (my oldest is 4), that they’ll start to remember some of the things that we do at Christmas, and I really want to make sure we have fun traditions that they’ll enjoy and look back on fondly!

  40. I’m looking forward to time with family. Now that my hubby and I live out of state, holidays are the only time we can count on everyone together!

  41. Just being at home as much as possible!

  42. Christmas music and drinks like spiced wine and chai lattes!

  43. I am inspired to create a simpler holiday season filled with more gratitude and love… and less hectic scheduling and traveling.

  44. I am SO looking forward to time with family who are far away…

  45. I am looking forward to traveling home to family :)

  46. Its not quite what I expected, but this year I’m most looking forward to the day after Christmas, when we’ll close on buying our first home. By next winter I’ll finally be able to decorate my own house!

    • Stephanie W says:

      That’s what I’m looking forward to this year…we closed on our house last year on Dec 27th…not in time for Christmas, but special none the less. This year will be our 1st Special Christmas in our own home! Wishing you all the best!

  47. What I look forward to the most is spending quality time with my family. Most of my family lives at least 2 hours away, some even further and we all make it a point to get together for the holidays, something that we look forward to, rather than dread.

  48. I love the week between Christmas and NEw Year when my husband is off from work and we all hang out.

  49. Stephanie W says:

    I’m most looking forward to spending time with my family and decorating our new home. We are now 1st time home owners and I look forward to decorating and having a special Christmas continuing and adding traditions in our own home and focusing on the true meaning of Christmas!

  50. I’m looking forward to spending time with my boys and having our first holiday in our new house.