Amana washer & dryer review {+ amazing giveaway!}

Written by editor Nicole Bennett of Gidget Goes Home.

I love it when things slide into place at just the right time. We knew we”d be moving into an all-electric condo and that our gas dryer, while in great condition, would no longer work for us. What I didn”t know was that the opportunity to receive a brand new set of Amana washer & dryer was coming my way –what a blessing!

Read on to learn more about this fabulous, energy and water-efficient pair and how you can enter to win one. (My laundry room is nowhere near that gorgeous, but now my washer and dryer are, thanks to Amana!)

About the Amana washer and dryer

This is my first experience with a high-effeciency washer. The Amana 3.6 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Washer retails at $649.

I have been amazed at the completely different functionality of it and how much less water and energy it uses. For a family of five (with one in cloth diapers) that is music to my ears!  A few specifics about it:

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified to help conserve natural resources and save money on utility bills
  • Low-water wash system delivers optimal cleaning with as little as 13 gallons of water
  • Durable stainless steel wash basket resists scratches and rust to help prevent snags and stains on fabrics

As for the dryer, I went for electric, but it also comes in a gas model. In a relatively short cycle it dries my clothes nicely so that I don”t have to waste the energy on a second cycle. It retails for $479. More details about the dryer:

  • 7.0 cu. ft. capacity dryer easily handles large loads, meaning you”ll spend less time on laundry and more time on the things you enjoy
  • Interior drum light and wide-opening side swing door help make loading and unloading simple
  • Automatic dryness control sensors monitor temperature, automatically stopping the cycle when fabrics are dry to help reduce shrinking (how amazing is that?)


I”m stoked today that you, dear readers, get a chance to win– I”ve teamed up with TodaysMama on this giveaway where one winner will win their very own set– a new, energy-efficient Amana washer and dryer.

Just enter via this Rafflecopter widget (you”ll need to leave a comment here on the post as a mandatory entry). The contest ends January 16th at 11:59 pm MST.

Thanks again to Amana, who provided the washer/dryer for review!

About Nicole

Nicole can be found blogging at her lifestyle blog, and is the editor of Simple Homemade. She loves to read, sew, make ice cream, take pictures, watch baseball and go for walks by the beach with her hubby and three little kiddos. She loves anything handmade and is affectionately known as a bit of a hippie among family and friends.


  1. My laundry pile isn’t horrible, but that’s because I do laundry ALL DAY EVERY DAY! I have four little ones and a very small washer and dryer. I’ve actually been considering a new set to ADD to what I already have so that I can actually stay on top of laundry!

  2. What a blessing this would be to win……..good luck to all who enter!

  3. Mr. Everest-ish, thought it’s been worse! With four kids, I can’t seem to actually have all of the laundry in the house done. When I empty one clothes hamper, it’s got something in it by the time I change the clothes over to the dryer!

  4. Oh my! What a wonderful giveaway! We are moving soon and the washer and dryer here belong to the home owner. It would be a huge blessing to win this!

  5. We are potty training right now which creates even more laundry than our cloth diapers did!

  6. Wow- how great it would be to get a matching set! Mine are mis matched.
    They sound great.

  7. How nice it would be to have a matched set! Mine are mis matched right now.
    Thanks for an awesome give away!

  8. Adelle F. says:

    Around here, laundry is never really quite DONE, more a constant work in progress. Would love to win this!

  9. Stephanie W says:

    Lovely giveaway! Would be a blessing to win! With a family of 6 this would really make life a tad easier.

  10. We’ve been home from a Christmas trip for 3 days and my last load of laundry is waiting for the dryer. Of course, by now the hampers are about full of dirty clothes again… Never ending!

  11. We are actually caught up on our laundry at the moment! But our current washer is giving us warning signs that it’s on its last leg, so this would be awesome to win! Thanks so much!

  12. I do laundry every other day. It seems never ending at times!

  13. Awesome giveaway! Thank you! We actually don’t have a dryer, by choice, but sometimes I just want to throw the laundry into the dryer instead of hanging it all up!

  14. Ouida Lampert says:

    All caught up!

  15. NICe wacher!

  16. Oh, what fun! Giving things away makes it a good day for everybody involved!

  17. Wonderful that it’s high efficiency but not a front loader. Sometimes those are too big to fit in tighter laundry rooms or closets. Congrats on your new set :)

  18. Some friends of my daughter & husband are in need of a washer/dryer and this would be perfect to give-a-way!

  19. I love doing laundry! I have a fabulous new washer, super high efficiency, front loader, etc. etc. It sits in my bathroom and works like a charm. BUT, BUT, BUT! I cover a drier! A GAS drier!!! Right now, my wash has to line dry, in the basement, and takes several days to dry. In summer, we line dry and it takes hours (at times even just half an hour depending on the heat of the sun!) to dry, but in winter? Oh, my! How I wish I had a gas drier…..

  20. What a big giveaway!

  21. What an awesome giveaway! I’ve never heard of this company before so it is all new to me!

  22. For the record, my laundry is always piled sky high (I have one in cloth diapers too) so it is great to learn about new efficient products. I always have to dry everything twice.

  23. My old washer ate up my sheets last week so I think it’s time for something new!!

  24. Gay Herron says:

    Would love to have this set in my laundry room!! I always try and remember as I do dirty clothes to be thankful that I have so much laundry to wash!!! Yes I’m a glass half full kind of girl!! :)

  25. fabulous give away

  26. our set is on it’s last legs. Love to get a new set!

  27. My laundry is never done

  28. Lawana Gray says:

    I just got home from a trip so laundry is nuts! And with my thimble sized washing machine and dryer it will take forever to catch up!

  29. Laundry is clean, dirty, and in the washer/dryer as we’re trying to recover from a week of traveling.

  30. I try to get one load a day done, but with the holidays, I’m way behind and we’re stacked up!

  31. I have all of of our laundry washed but in a large pile waiting to be folded. Great Giveaway!

  32. Mandee Jo says:

    I’m actually caught up with laundry! Hooray!

  33. M Nichols says:

    These would be great!

  34. I am new to this blog but am loving it and would love a new washer/dryer set!

  35. Stacked up like Mt. Everest. Would love to win the set, my current washer/dryer set is on the fritz!

  36. What a great giveaway! Our poor dryer takes forever to dry a load of clothes. We are definitely ready for a new one!

  37. There are so many developers working on this segment but this is one of the best innovative idea ever.

  38. I need a washer/dryer so bad and cannot afford one right now! This would be awesome!

  39. My son’s clothes are washed but not folded and the mountain of clothes grows higher haha

  40. Robinbird says:

    A clean start to the new year! I would love a better set to be more Eco-efficient. Thank you.

  41. Rhonda H. says:

    Would LOVE to win!

  42. Awesome giveaway :) We just moved into our first home and our washer/dryer that came with the house is definitely on its way out!

  43. I do laundry almost every day, so my washer and dryer have had a good workout!

  44. Jill Tarabar says:

    The timer on our dryer went last year (so it doesn’t turn off by itself) and my husband replace the latch with a butterfly screw thing recently… now it doesn’t even stop spinning when you open the door! My goodness do I need a new dryer!

  45. Rebecca R says:

    It’s a rare occasion when my laundry is ever completely done, usually it is only done one load at a time.

  46. All washed … but not put away! I don’t have my own washer and dryer, so this would be just wonderful!

  47. Mary Beth says:

    Laundry is all done at the moment – YAY!!

  48. i can’t keep up – my wash machine is on its last partial leg……this would be so awesome to win! Thanks for the chance!

  49. We NEVER have all the laundry finished and I’ve learned to cope with that, but we have a dryer that have much too small a capacity for our family of five so it takes life forever to dry a load of laundry! Oh how I’d love this new set! Thanks

  50. Our holiday travel laundry is mostly done, courtesy of my husband, but now I just have to put it all away. Great giveaway, I would love to win!


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