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Nicole can be found blogging at her lifestyle blog GidgetGoesHome.com, and is the editor of Simple Homemade. She loves to read, sew, make ice cream, take pictures, watch baseball and go for walks by the beach with her hubby and three little kiddos. She loves anything handmade and is affectionately known as a bit of a hippie among family and friends.

Day 8: Getting to know your machine

Our first week of Sewing School may be over, but we’re just getting started. In fact I have a-whole-nother week’s worth of info and tips for you before we’ll even get to sewing a simple, straight line. But I hope you’re not getting impatient– this is a journey we’re on together. I promise that by the end of the month, you’ll have

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a great foundation for getting going with sewing.

So once you’ve chosen and bought, or borrowed, or dusted off your sewing machine, the most important thing you need to do is, naturally, learn how to use it!

Every sewing machine may be different, but there are some things that every machine employs. I’ll show you a few of these components today.

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As we close our doors here at Simple Homemade…

Written by editor Nicole Bennett of Gidget Goes Home.

It’s sort of hard to believe that I’m writing this post, as it marks the end of an era for me– today I am officially saying farewell to Simple Homemade, as Tsh alluded to a few weeks ago on Simple Mom. While it saddens me to say goodbye, I am excited to see where the blogging road leads as the sun sets on this blog, and I continue the conversation on natural creativity and more over at my personal blog, Gidget Goes Home.

I started blogging in June of 2008, when I decided my green living soapbox posts didn’t belong on the family blog anymore. My parents wanted to see photos of their cute grandbaby, not read about natural sunscreen.

Almost immediately after I began, I stumbled upon a little blog called Simple Mom. I was a devoted reader and can recall sitting in front of my Google Reader during naptime just waiting for Tsh (then known as Toblerone) or one of the other few bloggers I followed to update their blog and offer me something new to read.

Fast forward a year and half later– Tsh expanded her blog to a network, birthed out a little family of blogs, and I came onboard under editor Katie Fox to be a contributor on a little blog called Simple Organic, what you now know as Simple Homemade. Still passionate about natural body care products, I wrote my first post on choosing safer personal care products.

Later that year, I was honored to take on the role of editor, when Katie decided stepping down would be best for her family. I stepped into a wonderful world of editing and writing with an amazing team of contributors, and an intimate group of co-mentors and friends in the other SLM editors.

It’s been a blogging dream come true, watching our community grow as we shared stories, research and tutorials, especially over the last year as we rebranded and transitioned be a more creative blog, while keeping the DNA of natural living.

I’ve learned more than I could

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have known and have loved interacting with you, dear readers, in the comments and through social media.

Photo by Alexander Pavone

I hope you’ll join me as I journey forward as a wife, mom, and writer.

You’ll find me on a monthly basis over at Simple Mom, where I’ll be writing a sewing column– that’s where you’ll find our Simple Homemade archives eventually, too– and of course over at Gidget Goes Home.

Head there today for a delicious seasonal dessert recipe (if you know me, you can probably guess that it’s a homemade ice cream recipe!), and if you like what you see, I hope you’ll consider subscribing. Our monthly series, From Pinterest to Real Life will also live over there, starting next month. I’ll be officially relaunching the blog next week, with a beautiful, new design, and will be doing a big, fun giveaway to celebrate.

You can also keep in touch via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you for being a part of the Simple Homemade community. It’s been a blessing to be at the helm of this blog for the last two and a half years and to live out the journey of a naturally creative life with you.


From the archives: 14 repurposing crafts to inspire you this Earth Day

14 Repurposing projects from the SimpleHomemade.net archives

Written by editor Nicole Bennett of Gidget Goes Home.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

Over the last few years, we’ve had some amazing contributors on board, in addition to our editorial team, who have come up with creative ways to repurpose things into new creations, rather than simply tossing them in the trash.

Today as we celebrate the good planet we call home and take a minute to think about taking care of it, let’s revisit some of the great crafty posts we’ve had over the years here on Simple Homemade that repurpose materials into new things or use otherwise eco-friendly supplies.

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In progress: Lucky Penny quilt for my master bedroom

Written by editor Nicole Bennett of Gidget Goes Home.

You may remember back in December that one of the items that we gave away in our awesome Christmas giveaway was a complete set of the Lucky Penny fabric line, designed by the talented Alison Glass.

At the time, I showed you a few rice owls that I made with the fabric, which came out adorable, if I do say so myself. Well, with the fabric I had left (and a bit more that was bought) I had big plans.

Plans that it helps to have a very talented quilting mom to bring to life.

You see, in almost ten years of marriage (this June!), David and I have used a random assortment of handmedown or repurposed (i.e. designed for a smaller bed) quilts along with our beloved down comforter (or rather, my beloved down comforter, since I”m married to a human heater).

As we approach our tenth year of marriage, and after we recently became homeowners, I decided to coax my mom into making us our very own master bedroom quilt.

Read on to see more shots of my beautiful new quilt in progress.

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Spring inspiration: bikes

Written by editor Nicole Bennett of Gidget Goes Home.

The days are getting longer and (hopefully) warmer– it’s that time of year when we start itching to be outside more and more!

I recently fell in love with the idea of riding a cargo bike. What is that exactly? Well, it’s a bike that can carry not just one rider, but also a gaggle of kids and stuff, for riding around town. I think it would be such a fun way to get around– saving money, no emissions, exercising, enjoying the fresh air in my beach town…

I can’t afford one right now, but I can sure dream. I’m going to blame the fact that my husband himself works for a company that makes a unique bike. And while I’ve been thinking about it, I thought it would be fun to take some further inspiration from my bike dream.

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