Toward a New Yuletide Tradition

Written by contributor NJ Renie.

It’s time to talk Christmas. If you are lucky enough to have grown up (or currently live) in a traditional culture, then you know that the shared rituals surrounding holidays –and the resulting togetherness– is what makes them so special.

Obviously, most of us can’t hope to replicate the sense of community and rhythm enjoyed by traditional cultures, but this Christmas you could take a couple of well-aimed stabs at it. Here’s how… [Read more...]

Pain, Pain, Go Away!

Written by contributor NJ Renie.

Whether you’re young or old, active or sedentary, sooner or later you’re going to be in a lot of pain. Chronic illnesses and acute injuries come without warning, transforming us from our normal selves into lay practitioners of pain management.
The options are endless, but the organic options are much fewer. Here are a few to get you started when pain strikes. [Read more...]

For Free Organic Food, Report to Nature

Written by contributor NJ Renie. 

If you remember prehistory, you know that human beings are hunters and gatherers by their very nature. Eons before the turnip truck–or even the apple cart—humans got the nutrition they needed from the forests, fields, and waterways.

As we approach the harvest season in North America and Europe, please remember that during this time of year nature provides free, sustainable, organic, seasonal alternatives to your supermarket, garden, and CSA. So get out in nature, embrace your inner human, and maybe even establish a new food tradition in your family. Here are some starting places. [Read more...]

Things That Sting

Written by contributor NJ Renie.

We love summer. We love being outdoors, flowers, barbeques, long sunny days, and fresh fruit. But we are not the only ones out there that love those things; insects do too and occasionally our paths will cross. Once in a while our tiny, frustrated neighbors will turn to violence and when that happens, it usually involves a thing that stings. Let’s take a look at a few of the common ones. [Read more...]

Can Honey Be Organic?

Written by contributor NJ Renie.

We have been conditioned to think of honey as the quintessential natural food, but there is a reason that we, in the business, call the honey makers “workers.” The ugly truth is that honey is manufactured; a product of natural raw materials altered to meet the needs of selfish animals. But don’t despair folks, honey has more in common with a jar of your nonna’s marinara than the chilling uniformity of gas station snack cakes. [Read more...]