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Happy Labor Day! We wrapped up our summer with a fun camping trip at the beach this past weekend. I know many schools have already started, but I still think of Labor Day as being the last day of summer before we really kick into fall and being back to school. Here are some inspiring links for your holiday reading…

  • Back to School Parties :: Simple Kids ~ Many kids have already started, but a party like one of these would just as fun during the first couple of weeks of school!
  • Saturday Spotlight: Back to School :: Make & Takes ~ Marie always has such a great round-up of ideas!
  • DIY Homemade Sidewalk Chalk :: Moms Going Green ~ While it”s still warm out, get your kids outside for some letter and number practice with this homemade chalk.
  • Project-Based Homeschooling :: Keeper of the Home ~ Even if you don”t homeschool your young children, there are some great ideas in here for infusing learning with real life experiences.
  • And if you aren”t already a regular reader there, be sure to visit Simple Homeschool for lots of back-to-school inspiration!


I”ve been having fun browsing Pinterest for more back-to-school inspiration, which reminds me… I am going to be hosting a From Pinterest to Real Life link-up at the end of the month! So if you need an invitation, email me, and if you”re already there, be finding a project you can bring real life to this month and then share it on your blog (or even on Facebook) and link up here with us in a few weeks.

I”ve linked to Megan”s Pinterest tutorial before, and now she wrote up a few more tips that might be helpful.

Happy back-to-school and happy pinning! Oh, and happy Labor Day, too!

What”s your favorite part of the back-to-school season?

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  1. I totally think it’s true that most, to combine school education to the home schooling. So I really liked to see that you bring home schooling links for back to school.

  2. Hi Nicole, happy Labor Day and happy back to school! Thanks for the “homemade chalk” link! always thought that it’s more complicated to make one by myself, but it looks that I’ll handle it!

  3. I’m so glad you’re doing the Pinterest to Real Life link up…I’m thinking of getting a bunch of friends together for a Pinterest party…where we make a bunch of things we’ve seen on Pinterest…I’ll have to blog about it and link up. :)

  4. Nice collection of others’ creative ideas to explore.