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I was recently reflecting on the community we’ve been creating here at Simple Organic over these last couple of years. I love hearing from my readers. As I think about my goals, I’d love to know what yours our too, and how I can direct our blog in a way that will help spur you on this year.

As for my green goals for 2012, I continually feel like I’m baby stepping toward a more natural lifestyle for my family. I don’t actually have a lot of specifics I’m planning on focusing this year though other than gardening.

We didn’t do a garden last year because we moved in the spring and I was quite pregnant. Instead we just enjoyed our CSA bounty and took advantage of a couple of bulk opportunities through them that came up.

I know how fun growing food can be with kids and I also love being able to walk out to the yard to pick something for dinner. I have a small patch of yard that I hope we can dedicate to this year’s garden, and I’ll be sure to share my experiences with you along the way.

I don’t have the greenest thumb, mostly due to laziness, so this is quite a goal in and of itself for me!

If you’re looking for some direction for yourself in the way of green goals, we have some great resources in the archives, in addition to Tiffany’s great post from last week sharing her goals for this year. And next week we’ll have some helpful tips on achieving your goals.

From 2011:

Reader Input

The amazing writers that I’ve got on my team gives Simple Organic a real variety when it comes to experiences with natural living. Some of us have been cloth diapering for years but have only scratched the surface of nourishing foods. Some of us focus on saving green as well as going green, and some of us are passionate about cleaner cleaners and purer personal care products. When it comes to green living, we can all learn so much from each other.

One of the things I love to do every year is hear what my readers are into and what you want to learn more about. Your ideas and questions have given us some great topics to pursue in the past so I’d love to have you chime in again this year. 

Are there certain areas of life where you’d like encouragement to go greener? How can we at Simple Organic help you strive toward your green goals more effectively? What aspects of natural living are you dying to learn about?

About Nicole

Nicole can be found blogging at her lifestyle blog, and is the editor of Simple Homemade. She loves to read, sew, make ice cream, take pictures, watch baseball and go for walks by the beach with her hubby and three little kiddos. She loves anything handmade and is affectionately known as a bit of a hippie among family and friends.


  1. I would love to hear about your gardening adventures! I plan to start a garden this year for the first time. We had a garden every year when I was growing up & always got wonderful produce from it!

  2. Gardening is definitely on my list this year as well! I have never had a garden before but I feel like this is the year to do it. No more excuses! :) I’m a total novice so I’ve been reading a lot about getting started.

    I really enjoy posts about nourishing foods and I’m starting to get my feet wet with herbal remedies. This is random but I think vlogs are always fun every now and then. It’s nice to get to “see” the writers of the blog sometimes.

  3. I’d love more information on container gardening. I rent so I can’t make beds, but somehow my plants always die or become diseased when I do containers. I suspect I may not be watering them right.

  4. I’m focused this year on learning ways to further reduce our energy use and consumption. Of course my garden is always a work in progress:) I love discovering new grow-your-own tips!

  5. My plan for gardening this year is to plan better. Last year we had cucumbers stunting growth of carrots and the like. It was mayhem!

    We have already signed up for our CSA here, which feels weird as its freezing in Central Canada right now.

    This year I would like to find a local beef source. We have a local egg, poultry and pork source. Beef is the last meat to find from a local farmer.

    I also want to make my own soap. Also, along those lines, it would be great to find a homemade tub and tile scrub that doesn’t get stuck in the bottom of the container. My housekeeper left me a note last week that she had a battle with the scrub and the scrub won :( Any ideas on that?


  6. I agree with Kara E., information about container gardening, urban gardening, and urban composting!! Thanks!

  7. This past year we converted all of our family movies from VHS to digital format, but I’ve held on to the VHS because I loathe the idea of them being put into landfills. I’d love more information on how to recycle (and cassette tapes, etc) them so I can reclaim the space!

    To that same end, upcycling and reducing packaging are my 2nd and 3rd goals. And I love your crafty ideas…. wouldn’t “simple crafts” be a great addition to the simple family? Thanks and I’m looking forward to reading more this year!

  8. Rachel Lynn says:

    This year, I’d really like to try out a more organic/simple personal care routine. Last February, I began using baking soda and shampoo, and I love it. I also tried using the OCM, and that didn’t go as well :(, but at the time I didn’t have the patience to play around with the ratios, or different oils, so I’d like to try again.

    I also attempted to cut out sugar, primarily Coca Cola, from my diet… and that didn’t go so well, either. :) So this year, I would like to begin baby steps, rather than attempting to cut it out altogether. I love it when actual recipes are posted for Real food, rather than just guidelines, as I’m not a great cook and things don’t turn out when I wing it. :)

    I love this little family of blogs!

  9. As a mom fully immersed in the baby/young family season, I would love to know more about making natural baby products to replace the old standbys as well as more about the practical side of cloth diapering. I am sold on the principles, but could always use some help with the details of implementing a “greener” lifestyle with little ones.

  10. My family is making an effort to eat more whole foods – but I still trying to understand what that means. I would like to know what to eliminate from our diet, and why, and how to make this work for a busy family. I know you already write a lot about that here – I guess I’m still learning and just want more :) Thanks!

  11. First, off I really LOVE your blog. It has made going green and getting sorta crunchy so much more approachable and I find myself referring friends to your site when they have questions because I’m never concerned that they will be scared off or overwhelmed by the info.

    2012 for me has us moving to Korea (probably in an apartment), so I would love to hear more about urban/indoor gardening.

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