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Welcome to Simple Living Media’s Home for the Holidays! We’ve got 15 giveaways across the entire network this week—all great gift ideas, perfect for the holidays.

As someone who loves to cook and bake, I can tell you that today’s giveaway item is a little kitchen-dream come true!

Yep, today I’m giving away a 5 1/2 quart French Oven in Caribbean from Le Creuset. This piece of cookware is such a treat and would be such an exciting surprise waiting under the Christmas tree!

The French Oven is valued at $240 and is big enough to serve a good-sized family but small enough for easy storage (unless you just leave on display at all times, like me, because it’s so beautiful!).

Learn more about this amazing piece of cookware and how to win it.

I was thrilled to review this Le Creuset French Oven. I’ve longed for one for quite a while, especially one in this beautiful color! It makes me happy just looking at it.

Before this French Oven, I had never used any enameled cast iron before, and now I’m hooked. It is incredibly easy to cook with and to clean. I’ve made a variety of things in it already– soup, meatballs, rice, baked oatmeal– and really love the versatility to be able to use it stovetop and then put it in the oven.

Did you know that Le Creuset was the first company to make enameled cast iron cookware? They’ve been around since 1925 in fact. I love how they describe their philosophy here:

Although some production processes have been modernized, you can be sure that the handmade qualities of Le Creuset cookware remain unchanged. We still manufacture our cast iron in the original foundry, with each piece passing through the hands of 15 skilled artisans to ensure flawless perfection.

With the consistent qualities of authenticity, originality and innovation, Le Creuset maintains a connection to both heritage and modernity.

One Simple Organic reader will win a 5 1/2 quart French Oven in Caribbean from Le Creuset.


How to win

Everyone has two chances to win. Here’s how:

1. Comment on this post, answering this question: What would you cook in this French Oven or, who would you gift it to?

2. For an extra entry, follow both Simple Organic and Le Creuset on Facebook, and leave a comment here saying you did so.

This giveaway will end Saturday, December 3 at 11:59 pm EST. I hope you win! We’ll announce the winners of all the holiday giveaways at the end of the week.

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  1. I’d start with some soups, but hopefully work my way up to some more fancy dishes! I know I could just use it with everything!

  2. Oh, it is so pretty! I was just having a browse on the Le Creuset website and I would make their recipe for rosemary lamb shanks… looks amazing!
    Monica´s latest post: Thanksgiving: Pumpkin Pie

  3. …and just liked you both on Facebook :)

  4. What would you cook in this French Oven or, who would you gift it to?

    Have always wanted one, but more on the dream list than the reality do to two kids in college. Looks beautiful, perhaps dreams will come true.

  5. Kristin L. says:

    I would LOVE to cook some nourishing stews in this Le Creuset French oven. It is dreamy. :)

  6. Follow both Simple Organic and Le Creuset on Facebook, and leave a comment here saying you did so.
    Done, both nice pages.

  7. Kristin L. says:

    I follow Simple Organic and Le Creuset on Facebook!

  8. Laura Meyers says:

    I would start with perfecting my buttermilk cornbread (I’m from the South, orginally). This would be PERFECT. Soo pretty!

  9. Laura Meyers says:

    Liked ya both on FB!

  10. I would mainly cook soups, but might expand my limited cooking repertoire with this!

  11. I ‘Like’ Simple Organic and Le Creuset on Facebook.

  12. We’re on a soup kick!

  13. Potato corn chowder

  14. I would cook soup!

  15. It would be perfect for the rabbit stew I want to cook so badly ; P I have all the ingredients ready, just need the pot!

  16. I would try to make Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon. It just seems fitting!

  17. I like Simple Mom on Facebook.

  18. I would give this to my husband! He collects Caribbean blue Le Creuset cookware.
    Deanna´s latest post: Moira, Part 2

  19. I like Simple Organic on Facebook!

  20. I liked Le Creuset on Facebook!
    Deanna´s latest post: Moira, Part 2

  21. I liked Simple Organic on Facebook!
    Deanna´s latest post: Moira, Part 2

  22. Soups.. you name it: butternut squash soup, leek and potato, chicken noodle – it’s all good!

  23. With winter on its way I would make a nice pot of soup

  24. I’ve been wanting to come up with a good stew recipe and this would be perfect to make it in!

  25. I like simple organic and le cruset on facebook

  26. I could picture this perking on the stove with some seafood bisque inside….yummy! I love the color…reminds me of the ocean and of course, seafood!

  27. Jambalaya! Or something beefy. :)

  28. I’d start with beef stew, or maybe braised short ribs…

  29. Just liked you and le Creuset on Facebook. :)

  30. Stephanie P says:

    I would love to cook soups on this beautiful piece :)

  31. Stephanie P says:

    I “like” both Simple Organic and Le Creuset on facebook.

  32. I would give it to my father-in-law. I’d love to see him get away from his teflon-coated cookware.

  33. I’d love to try a roast!

  34. Many delicious family meals such as sausage and kale soup!

  35. I “liked” both of you on Facebook! Yippee!!!!

  36. Michelle Y says:

    I would totally cook in this! I would make Aimee’s (from Simple Bites) Lentil Shepherd’s Pie and a few baked pasta dishes and I’m sure lots of other things!

    • Aaron Lee says:

      I would gift it to my wife! She REALLY needs all new pots, pans, knifes, and this would be a great start in the right direction!

  37. I’d be cooking soups and jambalaya. So pretty.

  38. I would love to use it for soups and stews!

  39. I’ve always wanted one of these. First thing I would make would probably be soup.

  40. If I won these beauty, the first thing I would cook in it is no knead bread. I love making no knead bread, and have wanted an oven pot to cook it in. Usually I take the inside of my croc pot out and bake it in that. Then, I would cook some chili. Then soup. Then more bread. I like to share my bread and other things I cook with friends, so although I would hold on to and treasure the french oven, I would share the bread I make in it!

  41. Soups!

  42. I’m following Simple Organic and Le Creuset on facebook!

  43. Liked both on FB!

  44. I would cook beef stew.

  45. I would make soups, soups, and more soups. And then Ethiopian stew and… the list goes on.
    Marya´s latest post: #decdaily + #reverb11

  46. We’re having our first real cold spell in a while so I would cook braised short ribs.

  47. And I liked both Simple Organics and Le Crueset on FB!

  48. Wait, is this too lovely to cook in? Maybe!

  49. Chili, here I come!

  50. I’m with Sandy – Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon! I’ve wanted one of these for years! Thanks for the chance!