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Today I have a fun giveaway, from a new cloth diaper brand that’s fresh on the market, Ones & Twos– both for the veteran cloth diaper user and those of you who are intimidated, yet feeling the desire to dip your toes into the waters of cloth diapering.

One of my favorite Simple Organic posts of all time is one that was written by Megan Tietz telling us that it’s okay to cloth diaper part time– that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. In fact, I myself am not a full-time cloth diaperer– I recently shared more about what I do on The Simple Mom Podcast, and I’ll be sure to let you know when that episode is live.

In the meantime, I want to tell you about a simple option that might help you ease into cloth diapering, or to build your stash! I’ll show you some really cute photos of my baby girl, too, while we’re at it.

Ones & Twos Diapers: Modern Cloth Diapers for Busy Parents


These diapers were designed by a mom in Australia who was looking at filling a gap in the all-in-one category.  Most AIOs that are already available are organic or natural fibers – meaning they are costly.  The Ones & Twos are microfiber so they are more affordable.  They are also perfect for that new parent who really wants to try cloth diapers (full time or part time) but really wants simplicity and the ease of a disposable diaper.

In full disclosure, this diaper might not fit every baby. The are designed to fit most – from approximately 6.5 pounds to 40 pounds, although with the slim fit I’m not sure they would fit the chubbiest of babies. It fits my Hallee-girl great now (nine months old and under twenty pounds) but I’m not sure if it will last for her whole diapering career– we’ll see!

With that said, the narrow cut could also be seen as a benefit, as the Ones & Twos diaper is less bulky that some other cloth diapering options. I haven’t used AIOs very much, mostly due to the cost, so I must say that skipping the stuff-the-pocket step is very nice indeed.

Details about Ones & Twos

  • four snap down rise adjustments in the front
  • all-in-one – sewn in microfiber inserts inside a layer of stay-dry suede cloth
  • optional microfiber (with stay dry layer) booster can lay next to baby or stuff into a pocket for extra absorbency (comes with the diaper)
  • optional bamboo booster sold separately
  • easy to use (but super strong) Velcro/hook & loop closures
  • six simple and vibrant colors available plus white is sold in packs of 5
  • easy to use – just like a disposable only reusable
  • dry day & night
  • no fuss wash & dry
  • a budget blessing – only $16.95 each (or $79.95 for a pack of 5 white/only $15.99 each when sold in the pack)
You can visit Ones & Twos on Facebook and on Twitter, @onestwosusa for more info!


Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Leah!

Ones & Twos has graciously offered to give away one cloth diaper to one lucky Simple Organic reader (in the US or Canada).

To enter, simply leave a comment here telling us if you currently cloth diaper and if not, what’s holding you back from trying.

Giveaway ends Saturday, March 17th at midnight PST. “Good luck!” says Hallee.


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  1. Awesome giveaway! I cloth diaper *mostly* full time. Just not the days where we are spending a good portion of the day away from home (not often). I use almost only Gdiapers, but am just doing research now on branching out to a few other brands. :)
    Kayla Anderson´s latest post: Good Blog Reads

  2. I love seeing the new cloth diapers that are out there! I currently am cloth diapering on my two little ones and love doing it. Although, we do use disposables if we go on long outings.

  3. I started using occasional cloth diapers with our 3rd child after she turned 1, and am looking forward to using more with the soon-to-be-delivered 4th baby! We are definitely a part-time family, and the rinsing poo thing still is a little icky, but each time I use a cloth diaper it fills me with joy to do something that’s better for my baby and God’s creation!

  4. I cloth diapered my son all the way through. I’d love to win this for my cousin who is starting to diaper baby number two.

  5. I used to cloth diaper and now my two kiddos are OUT of diapers, but my SIL is just trying this out. She’d love to earn a freebie!
    Sarah M
    Sarah M´s latest post: Movie Review: The Artist

  6. I am CD’ing my baby and love it- but she still wears disposables at night! Mainly because we have them left over from our shower, but also because I am nervous about leaks! My baby is very petite, and I think the slender fit of these diapers would be perfect for her! :)

  7. I’m planning to cloth diaper with our first… due in 7 weeks! This would be awesome to try out!

  8. jenny nelson says:

    I have two babies- an 18 mth old and an 11 week old so disposables are getting expensive. My 11 week old recently had a diaper rash for about 2 weeks. It makes me feel so bad for her so I want to venture into the world of cloth diapers.

  9. I cloth diaper my 19 month old and will be cloth diapering his little sister (due in May), as well. We use disposables at night and pocket cloth diapers during the day.
    Becky´s latest post: We Have a Walker!

  10. I’ve been cloth diapering for two years and would never go back! Both of my kids have sensitive skin so it’s a great option for them.

  11. Melissa Lessard says:

    I started out cloth diapering when a friend gave me her stash. Then we moved and didn’t have a washer dryer for quite some time and it’s been 7th Gen. disposable since. Time to get back to the cloth!

  12. Cloth diapers are awesome! Always love trying out new brands!

  13. I am pregnant now with #3 and I really want to take the leap with this one! I considered cloth diapering with my other 2, but the upfront investment of the cloth diapers held me back. Not only that but disposable diapers is what I am used to and what’s comfortable. I will have 3 kids 4 and under so 2 still using nighttime help with pullups. So this giveaway would be perfect to help me take the leap!

  14. gina shelton says:

    I cloth diaper when my sweet pea is with me (she goes to Grammy’s a couple of times a week) and I love it. She is about to grow out of the set I have. Gotta figure out what to go with for the next 2 years.

  15. I’m planning to cloth diaper my first who will be here in june. Great giveaway!

  16. Our first baby is due in July, and I am planning to cloth diaper (at least some of the time, anyway). I’m currently researching pros and cons of all the types and brands (overwhelming!) and would love to give Ones & Twos a try.
    Kristina L´s latest post: Anticipation

  17. I would love to win one of these diapers to give to my DIL as she is planning on using cloth diapers for her first baby.

  18. These sound fantastic! We started out cloth diapering, but the expense (we used a service due to having a front load washer) and eventually the convenience once we started daycare and were just out of the house more often eventually led to disposables instead. Also, relatives would buy us disposables now and then while we were on our own paying for cloth. Baby 2 (boy) is due in July though and I’d love to at least part time cloth diaper! These sound like an option we could do ourselves easily enough at home.

  19. I use cloth during the day but disposable at night. These look like cute diapers.

  20. I currently use prefolds and covers but would LOVE to try these all-in-ones!

  21. I am a first time mom in my 2nd trimester, and when we get some little buns around here, I’m planning on using cloth diapers. These look fascinating–would love to try!

    Thanks–(and the pics are adorable!)

  22. I’m a ‘want-to-cloth diaper full-time’ person. Would love to try these!

  23. I was cloth diapering my 18 mo. until a few weeks ago as I needed a break from laundry before and during the arrival of our third baby (born 2 days ago). I don’t use anything fancy, just the pre-folds with a cover. I plan on cloth diapering the new baby full time when we get back into a routine.

  24. I’m due in June and I plan to cloth diaper — I’d love to win!
    Marguerite´s latest post: Starting Orca Bay Again

  25. I’m currently cloth diapering my two boys (2 & 22 months) and love it! It makes having 2 in diapers not very expensive! {I honestly can’t imagine the cost of 2 in disposable diapers!}

    I was afraid of the ‘ick’ when I started but it’s not bad at all and in many ways they’re easier than disposables…no running to the store last minute and instead of putting those icky poo dipes in the trash, you dump them & store them in your pail and there’s no smell! :)

  26. I’m pregnant with my first baby due in August and I am doing a lot of cloth diapering research lately. I would really like to try cloth diapering. When I saw this post, I had to enter- maybe it’s fate!
    Summer´s latest post: It’s Been Awhile

  27. Pamela O. says:

    I would love to try out one of these diapers. I cloth diaper mostly full time with my 2 year old and am expecting to do the same with my fourth that is due to arrive any day now.

  28. I do cloth diaper already, actually I get a break right now as my youngest has moved to panties. My next baby will be here in a couple months so we’ll start it up again.
    Marci´s latest post: Project Simplify–Kids’ Stuff

  29. I used disposables with my first, but switched to cloth with my second because of allergies. I wish I had used them from the beginning! They are just as easy as disposables, and so much kinder to their skin and the earth! I am rebuilding my stash for surprise number three, and it will be cloth from day one. I would love to try an AIO (I used pockets before).
    Casey´s latest post: Maybe…

  30. I am a brand-new mom of a now 7-week old baby girl! I have wanted to cloth diaper since before she was born, but at first we were so overwhelmed with a new baby we just stuck with disposables. We started experimenting with cloth once she was about 2 weeks old, but got quickly frustrated with many leaks. Fortunately, I was inspired (via facebook!) by my many friends who cloth diaper to keep trying, and now it is going great! We have been really happy with prefolds and covers while at home, but baby girl is starting day care next week so we will plan to use all-in-ones and pockets when she is there. I’m always looking for new brands to try, especially inexpensive ones! Oh, and we do still keep disposables around, especially for travel.

  31. Christina P says:

    Great giveaway! I’ve been cloth diapering for about two years, but I’m only just trying out putting cloth in my diaper bag. We also go through disposable-only seasons when we’re overly stressed. Cloth diapering just makes so much sense–why keep on throwing away something you know you’ll need a thousand more times?–but it’s always more work than I think!

  32. I love using my cloth diapers and am always open to trying out new brands. I am looking for nice clothe diapers that are narrow but don’t gape in the leg.

  33. first of all, thank you so much for this giveaway! I did not cloth diaper our first baby, but I’m looking forward to doing it with our second! I always thought about doing it with our first, but it was hard to dive in with very little support/information. Now that I’ve found blogs, like yours! for the guidance, I’m ready to go for it! :)
    Kara´s latest post: Fabulous Find & Giveaway Winner!

  34. Oh they look lovely! I’m looking out for such a diaper for my next baby. I cloth diaper (most of the time) my toddler. I love the soft cloth bum : )

  35. Kristen N R says:

    My first baby is now 9 months old. I was very naive in the beginning and thought that since 90% of society uses conventional diapers then I couldn’t go wrong. I’m disappointed in myself 9 months later that I took the easy way out rather than doing what I know in my heart is better for my baby. I’m a stay at home mom struggling to make ends meet, so a free cloth diaper trial would be a great opportunity to prove to myself and my husband that cloth diapering is the way to go. I would love to be able to share how the brand works with my almost 9 month old who is 26+ pounds (I haven’t weighed her in a while).

  36. I do cloth diaper currently, but have no AIOs. My reason for CDing is anything but noble…I do it because I’m a cheapskate. Therefore, I’m sure you can guess why I have no AIOs! I’d love to win one to see what all the fuss is about. Thank you for hosting the giveaway. :)

  37. I’m a foster mom of a three-month-old. I’d love to cloth diaper, but the cost of getting started hasn’t been worth it when we don’t know how long the baby will be with us! This baby is long and skinny (70th percentile for height, 10th for weight) so it sounds like these diapers might be just right for her!
    Rachael´s latest post: Being a grown-up

  38. I love cloth diapering! Both my girls used cloth diapers. I loved it, and it wasn’t nearly as hard as everyone told me it would be. Oh the looks on people’s faces when you tell them you’re planning on using cloth!

  39. I currently cloth diaper and I love it! I am expecting my 2nd now and want to build up my stash to prepare for 2 in diapers.

  40. I plan on cloth diapering our first due in May!

  41. I don’t use cloth diapers, but have wanted to try since my son was born. I haven’t taken the plunge because the whole process is foreign to me. Now that we’re a few months in, I have a bit more mental space to try something new!

  42. Erin Douglass says:

    Thank you for giveaway! We are expecting and I plan to cloth diaper. It is an investment and despite my research, I am confused! So many options and I want to spend wisely, so thankfully I have time before our baby is due. :)
    Thank you!!

  43. lovely product

  44. Heidi Rees says:

    I’ve been cloth diapering for nearly four years now between my two boys, and am due with our third this summer. I mostly use prefolds and covers, but have started using disposables at night since I got tired of the stinky overnight diapers that I couldn’t seem to beat.

  45. I did not cloth diaper with my daughter, but would like to give it a try with this one coming soon.

  46. Cassandra says:

    I use cloth diapers with my 11month old most of the time. I work part.time and holds me back. Also I have trouble finding time wash and have them ready to use. This is the second time that I’ve used them. I feel like both times have been a success , part time.
    Cassandra´s latest post: Simplifying my life

  47. Amanda H says:

    I’m planning to try cloth diapers soon on my newborn, I’m being held back by fear of smells storing the poopy ones at home, wondering if there will be an residual smell in our washing machine and laundry room, and not knowing how to deal with cloth diapers when we take trips.

  48. We cloth diaper our daughter and love the ones we currently use but would love to try these!!!

  49. Lyndsey Gentile says:

    We cloth diaper using Cloth-eeze prefolds and Thirsties diaper covers. We have no AIOs and would like to try so that we can give a well-rounded, educated opinion when discussing CDing with new parents to be!

  50. Micah Prine says:

    I started cloth diapering when my son was about 3 months old. Yes, saving money and helping the environment is nice, but I just LOVE how cute cloth diapers look on his cute baby butt! We cloth diaper half the time. The hubby just can’t get over the poop factor! I also just wanted to say I love your blog! It’s usually my morning breakfast reading. :)