Giveaway: Simple Food {for winter} Cookbook

I‘m so excited to present you with a great giveaway today. On Monday, we heard a real-life-real-food story from Shannon of Nourishing Days as she told as about her journey to a healthier, more nourishing way of eating. Just recently Shannon published her very own cookbook, all about eating real food in winter.

As Katie mentioned in her excellent post on seasonal winter eating, it can be a challenge to find and prepare real food when it’s not as readily available as it seems to be during other times of the year. The truth is, there are a lot of delicious meals that can be made to nourish us and our families this time of year; many times we just need a little guidance.

Simple Food {for winter} is just what the doctor ordered for some wintertime inspiration for your dinner (and lunch) table. It is full of hearty recipes for meals that will warm you up, and nourish you with some of that in-season real food. As a bonus, she includes some basic reference recipes that are great to have on hand, such as her take on homemade stock, which I used to make a delicious turkey stock.

I personally can’t wait for Shannon’s release of cookbooks for the remaining seasons, which she hopes to do, also emphasizing real food and sustainable living.

The eBook is only $10, which is a steal in my opinion when you consider its fifty-eight pages, including thirty recipes (all of which are grain free), and three essays. To read more about the cookbook, and get a sneak peak at one of the recipes, you can read Aimee’s review of it over on Simple Bites).


Today, two lucky Simple Organic readers will win a copy of Shannon’s cookbook, Simple Food {for winter}!

To enter, simply leave a comment describing your favorite winter meal.

Giveaway ends Saturday, January 29th, at 11:59 pm PST.

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  1. My favorite winter meal right now is a warm pot of moose stew. It is super healthy and delicious and my whole family loves it!

  2. Yum. Just thinking about all the winter comfort foods out there makes me hungry. So far this winter my favorite winter meal has been pork and sauerkraut. I grew up eating this and finally made some in my crockPot. Super easy and very delicious!

  3. Beef Stew!

  4. My husband makes this coconut curry soup/stew with bok choy in it that I just can’t get enough of! It has just the right amount of heat! Yum!
    Sofia’s Ideas´s latest post: this moment

  5. My favorite winter comfort food is roasted root vegetables! Love them!

  6. Soup of any kind! Last week we had a lentil soup and a split pea soup which were both delicious!
    Andi´s latest post: The Recipe Box

  7. mushroom or butternut squash risotto – warm, creamy, & comforting!

  8. My favorite winter meal is always some kind of hearty soup, always changing as I try new recipes (and get tired of old ones). This week, we had a yummy sausage, potato, and kale soup.

  9. Chili and fresh bread.

  10. I love French Onion Soup.
    Elizabeth G´s latest post: Calendar- part 3

  11. Lindsey S. says:

    My favorite winter meal would have to be soups… nothing warms you better!

  12. Our favorite winter meal is potato soup! It’s so comforting!
    Sarah M
    Sarah M´s latest post: P Week is EasyQnot so much

  13. Lentil soup with root veggies!

  14. Jennifer anderson says:

    Ohhh… My favorite winter meal is an hearty soup! We’ve been enjoying potato, kale and sausage soup recently. I would love some new recipes!

  15. My favorite winter meal is either chili or potato soup! Easy and filling!

  16. Chicken soup with turnips, leeks, parsnips, carrots, celery, kale, fresh dill and parsley. The aroma is heavenly so is the soup!

  17. Chili with cornbread. The spices seem to help warm us up from the inside out on especially cold and foggy days.
    Vicki B´s latest post: Challah!

  18. Chili and cornbread!

  19. My favorite winter meal would be some sort of chili with rolls!

  20. One of our favorite winter meals is my mom’s homemade spaghetti sauce. We love it year-round, but it’s especially comforting and rich during the cold days. Thanks for the giveaway – I’m needing some inspiration and ideas!

  21. Theresa K. says:

    Delicious Butternut Squash soup, made carefully to be creamy and gluten-free!

  22. I love any kind of soup, but especially those with winter greeens and root veggies. And with it…a loaf of crusty homemade bread.

  23. I am new to all of this simply living stuff and I am trying to switch alot of what we do ste by step. My Favorite recipes are Stews and Waterzooi soup with chicken. Need to figure out how to do recipes with more natural foods and no icky added stuff. Any help is welcomed. Need easy recipes have two adopted kids with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome so not a lot of spare time.

  24. my favorite winter meal is Martha Stewart’s Braised Chicken with Mushrooms served with herbed polenta… Quick, Easy, Wholesome, and Delicious!

  25. Chilli! Mmmm. Now I want some for breakfast.

  26. Pots and pots of soup! Made with the butternut and buttercup squash from our garden. Yummy!

  27. Homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese! YUMMY!

  28. My favorite winter meals are savory soups, and homemade chili with soaked beans! Love winter cooking!! Love stuff cooking away in the crock pot filling up the house with yummy smells :-)

  29. my favorite winter meal is roasted root vegetables with olive oil and thyme, curried tofu and brown rice. mmmm!
    erin´s latest post: love at first sight

  30. I love curries in the winter.

  31. I love making big pots of chili in the winter. Fortunately my family also likes eating it!

  32. Spaghetti Squash Privavera! Nutrient dense, inexpensive, delicious and beautiful!

  33. Chili and cornbread… or baked macaroni and cheese!
    Rebekah´s latest post: Storm and mist fulfilling His word

  34. My favorite meal in the winter is a couscous with stewed vegetables, dried fruit, chick peas…all cooked in a tagine. yum yum

  35. My favorite winter meal is potato soup with kale and fresh bread to go with it.

  36. My favorite winter recipie for the moment is a mix of roasted veggies including sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots, and mushrooms. It’s delish!

  37. I love beef stew with sweet cornbread!

  38. We love roast beef, roasted potatoes, and green beans (frozen from our garden) with butter and garlic.

  39. My favorite winter dish is chicken and dumplings. It will cure anything and warm you up in just a few bites.

  40. I like making moroccan chickpea stew. Healthy, relatively quick, warm, and yummy!

  41. Soup! Any kind really, just love soup!

  42. Roasted chicken–wild rice–roasted root veggies with lots of garlic and rosemary…yum

  43. Thick, chunky potato soup with crusty sourdough bread. Yum!

  44. michelle v says:

    My favorite meal right now is old fashioned beef stew. Reminds me of my grandmother.

  45. Danielle Kershaw says:

    mmmm, my favourite winter meal is thick potato and leak soup – add some pureed carrots and sausage and it makes a wonderful hearty meal!

  46. My favorite winter meal is definitely stuffed squash, yum!

  47. My favorite winter meal is a tomato-y lentil and portobello mushroom stew, brightened up with a splash of lemon juice and served with some warm, crusty bread.

  48. I love a hearty bowl of venison chili!
    Rachel´s latest post: Minimizing Our Wardrobe

  49. Shannon Smith says:

    We love to make Mexican-inspired chili with black & pinto beans instead of kidney beans. Fire-roasted tomatoes and corn are the secret ingredients!! I could eat it everyday in cold, snowy MN!

  50. Oats and toast! This is one from my childhood. A hot, steaming bowl of oatmeal and a fresh piece of toast with some strawberry jam. Yum!
    Also, tomato soup and grilled cheese! Pretty much any soup though.
    Valerie´s latest post: Funky Green Loopy Scarf


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