Giveaway: Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free Cookbook

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Kacey! 

It seems like giving up sugar and/or gluten are becoming more and more common as eaters discover how these ingredients negatively impact their bodies. Whether this is due to an intolerance or just health preference, it can be challenging to find easy-to-make food to satisfy both these requirements and the taste buds.

Today I’m excited to present you with a giveaway that will help!

Blogger and author Amy Green has written an impressive cookbook with a whole collection of recipes, minus the sugar and the gluten, called Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free.

About Amy

In today’s world of hectic schedules and instant gratification, quick and simple has come to mean dinner from the closest fast food joint, pizza delivery man, or box of processed food.  To most Americans, giving up refined sugar and gluten would require time and energy they just don’t have.  That’s what Amy Green thought, too.

It took years for Amy to admit she had to take the leap and give up refined sugar and gluten. Amy was often depressed, moody, irritable, and frequently in bed with a migraine.  Like many Americans, she struggled with her weight, trying diet after diet.  Going sugar-free and gluten-free lost her sixty pounds, and more importantly, restored her health.

“I had to get to a place where I was willing to do whatever I could to live a better life,” she says. “The journey wasn’t pretty, but it taught me how precious life is.  I never want to look at myself again and not like what I see in the mirror.”

You can read more about Amy’s story in the guest post she wrote for us here at Simple Organic last fall.  If you happen to be in teh Dallas area, you might be interested to know that she is a presenter at the Gluten and Allergen-free Expo this coming October.

Amy’s blog is full of great recipes and resources. Be sure to visit it and while you’re there, you can grab the recipe for that delicious-looking banana blueberry gelatin pictured above (which is from her book).

About the Book

Amy founded the website to share recipes and tips for living SF&GF without giving up her busy life.  The website exploded in popularity, culminating in her new book, Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free.

“I love finding ways to take shortcuts in the kitchen without sacrificing quality…it makes me feel like I’m getting away with something,” she says. “So I decided to put together a book that shows people healthier food can be simple and delicious.  I know this is a book people can use daily to improve their quality of life.”

From healthy entrées like “make ahead chicken” and “stuffed bell peppers” to decadent desserts like “flourless chocolate torte” and “strawberry rhubarb cobbler,” Amy’s recipes focus on meals that can be made in twenty minutes. “I do it just for right now, just for the meal in front of me.  I don’t worry about what I’m going to eat two months from now.  Yes, I take care of myself and plan ahead.  But keeping the focus on right now takes away the obsession and fear that initially brought me to my knees.”

My mother-in-law follows a very strict diet, and while she has been sugar-free from quite some time, she has only recently begun to remove gluten from her diet. When I received this cookbook for review, I immediately bought a copy for her, knowing it would provide her with some great new recipes to try (I can’t wait to give it to her!).

I personally would love to go more sugar-free, and hopefully with some discipline and the recipes in this book, I can continue to phase out the dreaded, yet addictive, white sugar.


One lucky Simple Organic reader will win a copy of Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free!

Here’s how to enter:

Simply leave a comment telling us if you’ve cut out sugar or gluten. What foods do you miss, or if you haven’t (yet), what foods would you like to learn how to make sugar or gluten-free?

Giveaway will end on Sunday, August 21 at midnight, PST. Good luck!

About Nicole

Nicole can be found blogging at her lifestyle blog, and is the editor of Simple Homemade. She loves to read, sew, make ice cream, take pictures, watch baseball and go for walks by the beach with her hubby and three little kiddos. She loves anything handmade and is affectionately known as a bit of a hippie among family and friends.


  1. I have given up eating processed sugar and I don’t eat artificial sugar substitutes. What I really miss and crave are brownies!! Do you have a recipe for fudgy brownies or anything like it that would satisfy my craving for chocolate and sugar?

  2. Lorarian89 says:

    I’m eating only sugar and gluten free foods and the thing that I miss the most is Pizza! even though, I make one every once in a while but it turns out to be so much work to make it as good as the wheat flour one.

  3. Yeah, sugar is my weakness, and I’m being tested for celiac right now. I KNOW I feel better when I’m off both, it’s just hard to, well, figure out things to make that the whole family will enjoy. I do not like making more than one dinner for us.

  4. Thanks for the chance to win the cookbook! I stay away from sugar after a bc diagnosis 2 years ago. Cancer thrives on sugar. What I miss is ice cream & choc. chip and oatmeal cookies. I would love to learn to make it sugar free.

  5. I’ve not given up either, but I’m hearing so much about gluten in particular, I’d just like to know more in one comprehensive place. I am trying to limit my refined sugar intake; I do love honey and maple syrup… and cinnamon…. and turbinado…. sigh…..!

  6. I have cut down and almost out on the sugar. The gluten part is more difficult since my recipes are hardly GF and I have used them forever. Need help with the daily meal prep and snacks for the grandkids.

  7. we use organic cane sugar and though its a step in the right direction, i’d much ratheer eliminate it entirely. i’d really miss ,y muffins for breakfast though and i dont know any recipes for that that are both sugar and gluten free!

  8. I am trying to give up sugar. Maybe gluten too, but it’s hard… I love to bake! This would be great!

  9. Christina says:

    I have been gluten free for almost a year now. I have recently given up any form of sugar for the Body Ecology Diet. I am desperately trying to “like” stevia and have adapted many recipes using it, but it’s just not the same! Before stevia, I was only using organic coconut palm sugar, either in it’s granular form or making into a syrup. I have no issues being gluten free (almond flour and coconut flour ROCK!), but the occasional baked treat or ice cream is what I miss most!!

  10. Haven’t COMPLETELY given up sugar and gluten but my son and I both feel loads better when we meticulously avoid them. We cook almost entirely gluten free and don’t use any refined sugars in the house. I miss real gluten and sugar-filled chocolate chip cookies!

  11. i have just embarked upon this diet and would LOVE to have this cookbook! i am going to check out amy’s site….thanks for the tip! 😉

  12. We’ve cut gluten. It’s a complete lifestyle change, though worth it if the family is going to feel better. I miss making cookies and gumbo! The roux uses flour and I have not been brave enough to try making it with gluten free flour…

  13. I’ve cut out refined sugar, but I use honey and maple syrup as sweeteners (in limited amounts). I am not strictly gluten free, but I am grain free at the moment. I would love some good grain-free/sugar-free breakfast ideas that are as filling and yummy as the bowls of oatmeal I used to enjoy so much.

  14. My hubby is allergic to wheat (gluten) so we have to get around it all the time. I would love to make him pizza but am afraid to try. Another problem is his dairy allergy. I need all the help I can get.

  15. We have just started down the journey to to be sugar and gluten free. It is going to be a long process with a “meat and potatoes” husband, but we are both determined to do this for ourselves and our children. Our health has been suffering and I look forward to see how much this choice will change our lives! Thank you for this lovely giveaway!

  16. I have not given up sugar but am seeing signs that I definitely need to. It has such a strong hold on me that I fall back on the bandwagon quickly when I try. Sweets are my weakness and if I could find some recipes to help with that, I may have better luck. This cookbook sounds like it would definitely help!

  17. I haven’t cut out anything….yet!

  18. I have given up sugar, and I really miss anything chocolate!! My grandma is gluten-intolerant, and her list of things she misses is long! I would love to win and help both of us out!

  19. I have cut out a lot of gluten already but struggle with the texture of a lot of the recipes we use when substituting with other types of flour. They often are very gritty and though the children seem fine with it, my taste buds struggle with it

  20. I cut out gluten over a year ago, althoug occasionally cheat. Still working on the sugar thing!

  21. would love to learn more! have cut out some gluten would love to learn new recipes that taste delish to cut out the sugar. amazing giveaway!

  22. We haven’t cut out gluten all together but we’ve started buying more gluten free foods. We have always made our own bread so I would like to find some good gluten free bread recipes.

  23. My husband is on a gluten-free, dairy-free cleanse program and finding/making different foods to give him variety is a challenge.

  24. Julie Garner says:

    I have wanted to give up refined sugar for a long time. I have cut it down but taking the leap to totally let it go is hard. I know my family would be better off also but they like desserts! Especially my dear husband!

  25. Melissa Lessard says:

    I first cut out sugar when I became pregnant with my daughter and was borderline on the test for gestational diabetes. Everyone kept saying, “Oh I could never give up sugar.” But this was also for the health of my baby (incidentally, shouldn’t we feel our own health is important enough on its own too?). Now that she’s here we’ve found that she has some mild food allergies. This book sounds like a great jumping-off point for healthier eating! Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. I have cut out gluten (& dairy) and I really, really miss Italian food!!

  27. I am wanting to give up both but have not had time to plan it yet….but I think giving up bread would be the hardest….

  28. We’ve been GF for nearly six months, and giving up those foods has totally upped my cravings for refined sugars. I’m struggling! I’d love a copy of this book to find some yummy treats that fit into my nutrition plan. Thanks for giving one away!

  29. I am trying to cut out refined sugar and gluten and also trying to limit my refined sugar intake. I would like to learn good gluten free bread recipes.

  30. I haven’t given up sugar or gluten yet. My niece has. I would like to find more recipes for her.

  31. I am in the process of cutting out all processed sugars. The hardest part is having to prepare so much food at home instead of going to restaurants (the majority of my socializing revolves around eating a meal.) I get tired of being innovative and rarely being able to be a “nice customer” when I do eat out.

    • I’m not sure your motivation, but I have several friends who are GF and/or dairy free by choice (as in they feel better, but not a major food allergy or celiac issue). they’ve decided to maintain their food choices “95% of the time,” so when they go out to dinner, they can relax the rules. Again, that doesn’t work if you have an allergy, but might be a way to give yourself grace when you’re out and about.

  32. I’ve had to give up gluten do to an intolerance, but it was worth it because I’m amazed at how much better I feel. Every once in a while I slip up and indulge in a nostalgic slice of fresh bread slathered in butter, but then as always I pay the price. After every slip up it seems that I want bread and bread-like products less and less – it just becomes a matter of not being worth it.

    I’m working toward giving up sugar, but that’s a tough one since I’ve always had a sweet tooth. However, it is very motivating to look at the processed food labels (not that I eat many of those) and notice how much gratuitous sugar is thrown around by the food industry. Not to sound paranoid or anything, but it makes sugar seem fishy enough to be worth avoiding entirely.

  33. I love SS&GF! Amy’s was the first gluten-free blog I found, and she was such a help and inspiration to me when I went gluten-free. I can’t think of a particular food I’d like to learn how to make without gluten/sugar, but I know I’d like to work harder toward cutting out processed sugar. It’s got a real hold on me!

  34. I haven’t totally given up sugar and gluten, but I’ve reduced my intake quite a bit. It is really hard for me to find other tasty options.

  35. I gave up sugar and grains about 3 months ago. Right now I am craving an old fashioned peach cobbler with the awesome dough and lots of sugar!! And a helping of ice cream on top! HELP! Thanks for the chance to win the cookbook – it looks amazing.

  36. A few months ago I started trying to cut out gluten and sugar. I can go for weeks without eating any, then fall back and don’t feel as good. I’d like ideas on how to make cookies, protein bars, biscuits, other easy to take or quick eat foods that are high in real food properties.

  37. I know I need to get rid of more sugar from our diets and I would love to have some recipes and ideas. But I’d really like to give the book to my brother who cannot eat gluten and seems to substitute sugary foods for all the bread he cannot eat.

  38. Anne marie says:

    My husband and I desperately want to give up sugar and gluten but can’t find a way to make it “easy”. This sounds like just the thing we need!

  39. We have cut out sugar. The hardest thing for me is missing some chocolate things and my husband loves his ice cream.

  40. i’ve done both at times when i was nursing my son.

  41. It has been about 5 months since I cut out gluten, sugar, dairy, nuts, caffeine, alcohol (and more). After I got through the first month I haven’t had too many cravings but the odd one like pizza will pop up now and then.

  42. This is an interesting topic to me. Lately I have been struggling with some issues that my doctor has just labeled as anxiety but I really don’t know that I feel confident in his analysis. I keep coming back in my mind to the idea that changing something about my diet might improve things…

  43. On an everyday basis, I avoid gluten and sugar. Have I must admit that on the rare occasion I indulge in something baked and delicious.

  44. Melissa E says:

    I was recently diagnosed with celiac after 4 years of feeling awful and doctors telling me I was fine…the gluten had to go! It’s gone,b ut I still have so much to learn to keep cooking.

  45. Our family has been trying to cut down on our sugar a lot this summer. We haven’t tried any gluten free meals yet. The one thing I miss the most is ice cream!!

  46. book looks so cool!!! i’ve found for me that eating yeast-free has changed my life. (: staying away from sugar as much as possible. gives me energy, my gut doesn’t bloat and ache anymore….i would love to find more recipes to support this. TGIF!

  47. I haven’t gone gluten free, but I’d still like to enter the contest, for my sister. She was recently diagnosed with Celiac’s disease in the midst of getting her PHD in psychology, in her busiest semester yet. She’s so overworked and low on time now that her transition has been hard… she’s mainly been eating at Jason’s Deli, off their gluten free menu, and nothing else, because she usually doesn’t get home until 8pm, and when she gets home she has to do more work.

    She’s having a really, really hard time adjusting, and this book would be wonderful for her. She’s convinced that the only things she can eat at home are meals that take way too long to cook. I worry about her diet and her state of mind, because she hasn’t really had the time to deal with the transition at all due to her stressful studies.

  48. Karen Bruno says:

    I gave up refined sugar, white flour and all packaged foods that have ingredients I don’t recognize. I have been doing this for 6 weeks. I’ve lost 6 pounds, feel great, reduced my anxiety to zero and the most important thing is that I think it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I no longer get any cravings whatsoever. I feel like a normal person. Here is a blog I wrote about it:

  49. My husband is going sugar free because of digestive issues. We have done this for a short period before, but this time I am pregnant and craving sweets (especially brownies!). I will be checking out her blog for some ideas that my muddle-headed and tired pregnant self can handle. I would love to have the cookbook as well.

  50. OH I sooooooooo want this….please!! My grandsons are both sugar and gluten free and learning how to cook for them has been hard. Your blog has been a lifesaver to me, thank you! A cookbook with 20 min recipes is just what my daughter needs with three boys. The twin 5 yr olds are starting school and making their lunch let alone dinner is hard while learning how to rethink what she has cooked in the past and making things that everyone will and can eat. She is finding WILL to be a major adjustment to the whole household.