Going paperless, and making room for creativity {NeatDesk review + giveaway!}

Written by editor Nicole Bennett, of Gidget Goes Home.

Organization can be really freeing. As we simplify and see less clutter around us, we really feel the effects of this seemingly difficult task, of attacking the mounds of paper.

As we enter the busy holiday season, and we try to take the craziness down a notch, I can only think that reducing the paper clutter surrounding us will only serve to also reduce the chaos in our lives as well. Those of us who call ourselves creatives know how stifling clutter can be, and yet also how hard it is to avoid when we are at work in the creative process.

Read on as I share how I”ve been tackling the paper overload, and I”ll also tell you how the amazing NeatDesk system has been working for me. I”m super excited because today I get to not only tell you about this tool that will simplify the organization process, but I also get to give one away to a lucky reader.

Less paper clutter equals more room for creativity

It is ridiculous how fast we accumulate paper. Anyone else with me on this? It”s like a fast-multiplying organism that seems to take on a life of its own the minute it enters our home.  Here”s how I”m dealing with my paper clutter these days.


I love magazines for inspiration, but one way I”m reducing paper clutter from the get-go, is reading my magazines with my iPad in hand (you could do the same with a laptop or smart phone, or even at your desk by your computer).

I used to rip pages out and save them in binders or in stacks and well, that was a simple recipe for paper pile-up… and the truth is, those inspiring pages rarely actually served to inspire any projects because they got lost in the binders and stacks. Not to mention that the magazines were skeletons missing half their pages that had to be relegated to the recycle bin!

Now? When I find something I like I do the following: 

  1. Search for the project, idea or article online. Martha Stewart”s website, for example, actually houses digital records of all her recipes and projects from Living magazine (at least in my experience so far).
  2. Pin it to one of my Pinterest boards.
  3. Pass on the magazine, with all its pages in tact, to a friend, or donate to a school or library.

The pages I already have ripped out, I am retroactively applying the previous method to, or, if I really want to save them, I will scan them with my NeatDesk and file them on my computer to use later.

Important documents

It”s hard for me to write or do other creative endeavors when my desk or work area is overflowing with stacks of papers, waiting to be filed or saved for posterity.

Now we are scanning all of our car service documents, insurance policies, invoices, receipts, you name it. Anything we think we might need for a return we”ll keep a hard copy of, but everything else will get filed in our NeatWorks digitial file cabinet and exported to our external hard drive for safe keeping.

NeatWorks is the software that comes with the NeatDesk scanner. It”s easy to use and organize in and even analyzes the text on documents for archiving so you don”t have to manually type in all the info to describe a document.

You know those forms you get from baby and yearly child well visits at the doctor? I had those filed away, taking up precious space in a binder and now they are digitally filed and paper copies shredded. These are simply for reference. Just like insurance policies, if I somehow lost all my digital copies, I could always request a copy from the doctor”s office like I could from the insurance company.

I”m also working on scanning and digitally filing any other paperwork that you might not classify as “important” but that I want to save for reference, such as sermon notes and handouts from church leadership meetings, recipes, some children”s mementos and schoolwork, owner”s manuals and even small trail maps for local hiking trails.

Business cards

Is it just me, or is it fun to exchange business cards? In an increasingly-digital world, they sort of seem inconsequential, but they”re still fun.

I keep the prettiest ones for design inspriation in a plastic sleeve that”s made to hold biz cards, but the rest now get scanned into NeatWorks with my scanner”s handy business card slot, and again, NeatWorks analyzes the card and extrapolites the contact info. It will even sync with my Mac”s Address Book.

Again, all of this scanning and organizes serves to free up more creative space, in my work area and in my brain.

And with NeatCloud and NeatMobile, I can then access my files from anywhere– my computer, iPad, or even my smart phone if I need something on the go. This is much more effective for finding information than trying to leaf through stacks of paper that are waiting to be filed (an endless cycle if I ever saw one).

I”ll also be syncing some of these documents and inspiration with Evernote, which I use as another way to digitally file and organize my recipes, notes, thoughts and things I want to remember.

With the limited space we have at my parents” house, this new system is revolutionizing our organization. And I”m excited for laying the foundation for a simpler system when we do move in to our new place.

A few more resources on reducing paper clutter (including what to keep and what to toss): 


Today, one lucky Simple Homemade reader will win a NeatDesk scanner, complete with the NeatWorks software and a 30-day trial of NeatCloud and NeatMobile (this is an almost-$400 value!).

Isn”t that neat? {Sorry, I couldn”t help myself!}

Entering is easy, just use the Rafflecopter widget below. Start where it says ” 1 Do it!”

Giveaway ends Monday, November 19th, at midnight EST. Good luck!

Thanks to the Neat Company for sending me a NeatDesk to review.

About Nicole

Nicole can be found blogging at her lifestyle blog GidgetGoesHome.com, and is the editor of Simple Homemade. She loves to read, sew, make ice cream, take pictures, watch baseball and go for walks by the beach with her hubby and three little kiddos. She loves anything handmade and is affectionately known as a bit of a hippie among family and friends.


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