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Written by editor Nicole Bennett of Gidget Goes Home.

I just got done celebrating my son’s third birthday this weekend– what fun! It’s great to see how enjoyable the simple things can be, a mommy/daddy date for cinnamon rolls and a simple party at the park with friends, family and ice cream were just the thing for our special three-year old.

And yesterday I got to sink my hands into some potting soil to repot a few plants and boy do I have the itch to do more gardening. We won’t be growing much of a garden this year but I can’t wait to at least get a few things in pots– some herbs, tomatoes and strawberries are what I have in mind, as soon as we finish our back patio.

Are you doing any gardening yet? Make sure to visit our gardening archives if you need any inspiration or guidance. Start here, and then head here for more.

A few things to share

  • I’m loving the recent series at Whipstitch about Deborah’s search to build an Audrey wardrobe. I’ve always been an Audrey fan, too, so I look forward to seeing what patterns Deborah finds that emulate Audrey’s style.
  • If you’re feeling charitable and want to spread a bit of love, there are a couple of new ways you can do that: one, is with Craft Hope, where right now for their twenty-first project, you can donate handmade blankets, hats and scarves which will be send to orphans in Romania.
    I recently became an affiliate of Go To Patterns, and they have a really neat opportunity right now, too. If you purchase the Casual Lady pattern, a sweet and simple top and dress pattern, you will be helping fund a Sewing Collective in India for single mothers escaping the sex trade industry as well as a safe house for children in Cambodia at risk of being trafficked.
  • I love this DIY Leather Handle box over at WhimseyBox, it would be a great way to organize a few craft supplies.
  • If you need to sew something for a baby, look no further than Kate from See Kate Sew‘s awesome collection of 50+ baby sewing tutorials.
  • And if you need some inspiration to sew something for yourself, how about a Spring Top Sewalong? Follow along and join the fun with Made by Rae. I just might do this if I can find some sewing time.

What have you been reading lately? Leave a link in the comments if you’ve come across something inspiring.

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