Q & A: Valentine’s Day inspiration

Written by editor Nicole Bennett of Gidget Goes Home.

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away! Some people think this is a holiday made up by the greeting card companies as a ploy to get our money. Whether that’s true or not, I say why not redeem it for something good and fun and well, lovely!

So today, let’s chat about V-day. Last year I shared with you an easy (kid-friendly) craft using a TP roll as a heart-shaped stamp, and I also gave you a glimpse of my fun little collection of February decorations, along with an easy garland idea.

If you love the fabric-pieced heart in the photo above as much as me, you can follow the tutorial to make your own (we made it as a gift for Gigi’s teacher a couple of years ago).

This year, I’m looking to add some more ideas, crafts or recipes to my Love Sweet Love pinboard for future reference.

Would you leave a comment sharing your favorite craft link, romantic idea or naturally-sweetened Valentine’s treat? Or perhaps a cute homemade valentine idea? This can be something you did in the past, a post from around the blogosphere that you found, or simply an idea you have (maybe something you’re planning for this year).

I’ll go ahead and put a linky here, too, for those of you who who are bloggers. Be sure only to link up one of your own posts (and link to the direct url, not your homepage). Thanks!

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  1. I’m an English teacher and I made mad libs valentines I saw on Design Mom (http://www.designmom.com/2009/02/ralphs-madlib-valentines/). I changed it up a bit: I rolled the papers around pencils (classroom supplies!), wrapped the whole thing up in red or pink paper, and tied on a tag that said, “I’m mad about you, Valentine!” Looking back, I wish I had written out the full diagram of that sentence and made copies for the tag – it would have been funny to watch them read it. Oh well, there’s always next year!

    • super cute! when you followed me on IG I “recognized” you from this comment when I saw your valentines. :)

  2. It’s an older post, but we make these salt dough valentines every year. They are easy and my boys love painting them.

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  5. What fun! Thank you for providing a fun resource, and unique link-up. I’ve already shared my hanging 3D hearts I made up a while ago using old wall paper samples. But, I also wanted to share that you can home made crackers heart shaped – low sugar option for snacks! Here’s an easy recipe we use all the time – http://scratchtreehouse.com/blog/?p=156

    xo, Holli

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