Recapping This Year’s Green Goals

It’s been great reading your comments and seeing what kinds of goals we all have for 2011 to clean up and green various parts of our lifestyle.

Looking back at both part one and part two, I see lots of comments about wanting to eat more local, grow a garden and make small personal changes, like with personal care products and personal hygiene. It seems like many readers are also interested in learning more about green cleaners and using less plastic. In the parenting realm, we had some great discussion this week about goals to simplify kids’ toys and explore more natural remedies.

I’m excited to talk more about these issues this year and I hope you’ll be encouraged to keep striving toward your own green goals. Last year, Katie checked back in on how things were going with goals (Part 1 and Part 2) and we’ll be sure to do that again this year in a few months and throughout the year on Facebook and Twitter.

For my family, I hope to continue moving towards a more traditional, real-foods diet (more on this next week!) made up of more locally grown food.

As we look forward to a greener 2011, let’s also take a minute to reflect on the positive changes we’ve already made for ourselves and our family.

In the last couple of years, my family has been making baby steps toward a more sustainable, simple lifestyle, as I’ve told you about before. We love our CSA and look forward to more local produce in our box every two weeks. That has been one of the most impactful changes our family has made (rather than supermarket produce shopping), along with simplifying our personal care products and routine.

What goals have you met in the last couple of years as you  baby-step your way towards a greener, safer, more eco-friendly lifestyle?

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  1. We have gone no-poo, and begun making our own dishwasher detergent. Next up: making our own laundry detergent
    Sarah Beam´s latest post: Consumer Anarchy- Dishwasher Soap Edition

  2. We have switched to using our own bags at the grocery store & now realize we should use them at any store such as Target! I am cooking more from scratch & we have taken a pledge as a family to boycott fast food this year. IF we have to make a stop then we’ll only go to El Pollo Loco, Corner Bakery or Pandera which I’ve heard is a healthier option if in need :)

    • Wow, a fast food boycott is a serious pledge; kudos to you! I definitely think twice about where I stop for convenience now too, if I do need to make a stop.

      • Bringing your own bags to Target is also a plus because they take 5 cents off your total for each bag. :) (At least they do in Michigan.)

  3. We have very nearly eliminated plastic. Certainly there are plastics around (like this laptop) but all our food storage, dishes, cups, water bottles, etc. have all gone glass, wood, ceramic, or metal. The shower curtain is cloth. We use cloth grocery sacks and cloth bulk bags/veg bags. We switched to solid shampoo which has no packaging. Other than things like the lap top, we mostly have plastic coming into the house through things like yogurt containers or laundry detergent bottles. However, this year I’ll be making my own detergent and we’re switching brands of yogurt to one with a glass jar.
    annie´s latest post: On Holiday Food- Family- and Velveeta Cheese

    • Yogurt in a glass jar would be great! I like to make my own, but sometimes do buy it, and would love to get it in glass. :)

  4. Lori Morton says:

    Wow…….well, we use cloth napkins more than paper. Glass storage-jars, bowls,etc. Recycle everything we can. Use homemade totes for bringing stuff from store. Cook from scratch, tho that’s been our way for years….canning, freezing, drying. Working at other ways to be greener too.

  5. A couple of things we’ve done the past few years:
    - use much eco-friendly and healthy cleaners
    - make our own laundry detergent and whole grain bread (and other baked goods)
    - hang most our laundry – even in the winter. During the winter months I can do about 3 loads of laundry and only run the dryer once. Love it!
    - sourcing more local produce and meat. Now that we live in a new town I have to start that process all over again :-(. But it works!
    - recycling about half (or more) of what we would otherwise throw away
    - were a one car family for awhile – that changed after we moved to a bigger city :-(
    I love being more eco-friendly…
    Steph (The Cheapskate Cook)´s latest post: The Grocery Master Part 1

  6. Wow! So many changes have happened in our family and home but the things I am most proud of are
    *making our own toiletries
    *making our own cleaning supplies
    *investing in our local CSA

    I am looking forward to more changes, especially by way of reducing and eventually eliminating plastic! :)
    Sofia’s Ideas´s latest post: its nothing personal- its Google!


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