Sunday Links: June 13

Happy Sunday, everyone!  I just want to say: wow.  If you haven’t checked out the comments from Friday’s post on natural deodorant, make sure you stop on by.  Who knew that deodorant would be such a hot topic?

If you haven’t yet, I hope you’ll make plans to join us in the one-month Simple Organic Natural Deodorant Challenge!  For all the gory details and up-to-the-minute scoops, the Simple Organic Facebook page is the place to be; I hope to see you there.

Happy reading!

• From Chicken Counting: Care for a Cup of Tea?  Compost Tea, That Is.
• From Fake Plastic Fish: Plastic Ocean. Plastic Art.
• From Simple Kids: At the Craft Table With Rae Grant: Forever Blowing Bubbles
• From Mighty Nest: Autism and Toxic Chemicals
• From Simple Bites: Frozen Bites: Simple Treats to Beat the Heat, Part 1 and Part 2
• From Kitchen Stewardship: Michael Pollan on “Can Grassfed Feed The World?”
• From Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free: Garden Fresh Zucchini Cookies with Ancient Grains

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