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As you may have seen on Facebook or Twitter, my family was stuck in the dark for about twelve hours this past week during the big blackout of the Southwest. I loved this tweet by @tonyhawk, the pro skater, who lives near me:
Is a blackout in North County a way to force the pseudo-hippies to see what it’s like to truly “go green?”

It made me chuckle, but it also made me think. What if solar power was more affordable and accessible? What if we remembered to turn off unnecessary lights around the house or sat in the dark and read by candlelight just for fun? Food for thought anyways.

This coming week I’m going to be joining in with some other fabulous bloggers to bring a series called Go Green, Save Green, so stay tuned for some great, practical posts.

And finally, I hope you remember to hug your loved ones extra tight today (I know I will) as we remember what happened on this day ten years ago.


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  1. As someone who has solar panels, a little-known fact is that they actually don’t work when there is no power to “the grid.” This is to keep them from energizing power lines when linemen are attempting to repair them. There’s a way to add in some switching electronics (to take your house off the grid in the event of a power outage), but apparently they’re pretty pricey.

    Believe me, we were VERY sad to learn this fact a few weeks ago during our 20-hr outage due to Hurricane Irene.
    Melissa Jones´s latest post: Addressing Assumptions

    • Melissa, thanks so much for the info- I had no idea! That is very good to know. I guess there are plenty of other benefits to solar, but that is indeed a disappointment!

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