Weekend links

Our newest sister site Simple Design is starting a super fun weekly link-up called Share Your Thrift Haul where blog readers can link up with their thrifting (or garage/estate sale) finds! I’m a totally wannabe thrifter. I absolutely love the idea of it, but just can’t seem to find the time in this busy stage of mothering little ones. Maybe Ari’s series will inspire me to get out there and find some treasures.

I hope you’re enjoying spring! We had a just-about perfect spring day yesterday which including getting started on a birthday gift for my Gigi– sewing her a sweet maxi dress— which I think she’s going to just love.

About Nicole

Nicole can be found blogging at her lifestyle blog GidgetGoesHome.com, and is the editor of Simple Homemade. She loves to read, sew, make ice cream, take pictures, watch baseball and go for walks by the beach with her hubby and three little kiddos. She loves anything handmade and is affectionately known as a bit of a hippie among family and friends.


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