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Written by editor Nicole Bennett of Gidget Goes Home.

Some of you may hate me for this showcase of the glorious “winter” weather we’re having this week, but I just can’t help myself. Feeling the sun on my back does more for me than just give me a little dose of vitamin D… it warms my eternal-summer-loving-girl soul!

I thought I’d spice this link love post up a bit with a bit more of what I’ve been into this week…


espresso, lots of espresso, preferably Peet’s Decaf Major Dickeson’s blend as I try to cut back on the caffeine while I enjoy my new-to-me toy that I literally found by the side of the road!

listening to…

Coldplay, lots of it. My new home setup doesn’t allow me to listen to Spotify on my desktop easily so I’m debating a premium membership for mobile/iPad use. Do you use it?


Downton Abbey!


homemade pizza, adding dried lavender to Gigi’s snuggly owl, my first batch of homemade ice cream in our new home (white chocolate), setting up shop in my tiny sewing station in my room.

And now for reading… here are a few inspiring reads– enjoy them in the sunshine, or cozied up by the fireplace with a hot drink… I don’t know about you but that warms my soul pretty well too, this time of year.

What have you been into this week?

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Nicole can be found blogging at her lifestyle blog GidgetGoesHome.com, and is the editor of Simple Homemade. She loves to read, sew, make ice cream, take pictures, watch baseball and go for walks by the beach with her hubby and three little kiddos. She loves anything handmade and is affectionately known as a bit of a hippie among family and friends.


  1. Such a cute valentines project. Congrats Jess on joining the team.

  2. Yay for homemade ice cream! My mom just bought me the ice cream attachment to my Kitchen Aid mixer last week for my birthday, but I haven’t been brave enough to try it yet. Any recommendations on where to begin? (recipes, techniques, etc.) Thanks!

    • Hi Kate,
      Hm, you just may have inspired a post for the near future! When I make my next batch, I’ll jot down any tips I have and get back to you soon. I just got my second bowl so I can make even more!! :)

  3. Nice to be here and see your post! Thank you for sharing so much!