Weekend Links {+ Allora Handmade Giveaway!}

The excitement of our rebranding definitely hasn’t worn off yet. Simple Homemade isn’t a whole new blog, but rather the evolution of what Simple Organic had already become, and yet, it also opens up the doors to so much more that we want to explore.

To read more about what we are about, please read our updated About page. And as a reader recently pointed out, I hadn’t updated my own bio page, and so I figured now was a good time to do that as well (check out my ears in the family photo there for a teeeeny sneak peak at today’s giveaway!). It will probably still take a bit of time before the the switch is ironed out (such as my Twitter handle changing over), so I thank you for your patience as we work through it all.

I have a few good links for you this weekend, and then a celebratory giveaway as we enter a new phase of blogging life here on Simple Homemade.


My friend Jess, from Allora Handmade (pictured in blue above) makes beautiful rosette accessories. She is such a sweetheart and I have loved getting to know her online and even meeting up with her in real life here and there.

I have a couple pairs of rosie earrings and every time I wear them I get compliments galore. And you can see Tsh wearing her gorgeous rosette necklace in the top photo of this post.

Today one lucky Simple Homemade reader will win a regular-sized rosette necklace (in the color of your choice) from Allora Handmade

How to enter:

1. Leave a comment here on the blog, answering this question: “What’s your favorite color, and what does it make you think of?”

2. {optional extra entry} Like Allora Handmade and Simple Homemade on Facebook, and leave a comment telling us.

Giveaway ends Wednesday, March 28, at midnight PST.  Good luck!

Thanks to all the entries in our Little House in the Suburbs giveaway last week. Congrats to our winners Christina P., Amy C., Jill P., Elizabeth, Kristina, and Alissa (you’ve been notified by email).

About Nicole

Nicole can be found blogging at her lifestyle blog GidgetGoesHome.com, and is the editor of Simple Homemade. She loves to read, sew, make ice cream, take pictures, watch baseball and go for walks by the beach with her hubby and three little kiddos. She loves anything handmade and is affectionately known as a bit of a hippie among family and friends.


  1. My favorite color is a bright green like buds on a tree or the first leaves on a vegetable plant.

    • My favorite color throughout every season has to be green ! Right now, I think of new life and the vibrance that natural brings within every season.

  2. My favorite color varies since each color has its beauty for whichever emotion has infatuated me. I, however, like turquoise since it reminds me of the depths of the sea – for me, a symbol of the mind’s complexity but also its limitations. There is knowledge beyond our boundaries; there is a depth that we can never comprehend with our species’ current limits. It makes me feel small and insightful, but also eager to challenge evolution.

  3. I always tell my kids that I don’t have a favorite color, because I love all colors. But I love yellow because it reminds me of sunshine and happiness.

  4. I “liked” you both. :)

  5. It’s always been green! And right now it makes me think of spring. :)

  6. my favorite color right now is coral — and i actually have the allora handmade rosette necklace in coral pinned on a pinterest wish list! :-)

  7. Right now I’m loving yellow!

  8. Blue–it reminds me of the ocean.

    Thanks for the link love!

  9. That turquoise colour shown in the post, I guess it makes me think of a sunny beach.

  10. I really like the yellow or gray…the yellow makes me think of spring! I also liked both of you on Facebook! :)

  11. Right now my favorite color is turquoise. I like it because it reminds me of the sky. It reminds me how little I truly am in comparison with its vastness.

  12. Baby blue — it makes me think of the sky and big, wide open possibilities. And now it makes me think of home, because my kitchen, dining room and big kids’ room is baby blue.

  13. MaryBeth says:

    Right now, my favorite color is tangerine. It makes me think of sunshine!!

  14. I used to say my favorite color is pink, but I think that might be changing to blue or green. As spring starts to bud around me- green grass and blue skies make me happy!

  15. Meredith W. says:

    I love the color blue. Its different shades can be soothing or energizing…like the ocean.

  16. It has always been green. Like a lush, deep, mossy, forest green. As a child I loved well manicured lawn, green.

  17. I love the color yellow, it is bright, happy and cheerful!

    Love your blog and those rosette necklaces!

  18. “liked” you both

  19. My favorite color is green, it reminds me of the earth.

  20. Tamara Hollis says:

    I have a lot of favorite colors, all bright and cheerful. If I had to pick just one right now it would be turquoise. Reminds me of crystal blue waters, a beautiful blue sky, very cheerful and uplifting : )

  21. Jill Marks says:

    yellow…because it reminds me of the sun-something I haven’t seen much of here in the Pacific Northwest recently!

  22. Sage green is one of my favorite colors. It is just so pretty! :)

  23. Blue, because it reminds me of the ocean :)

  24. My favorite color changes all the time! Right now I’d say green! It makes me think of freshness and energizes me.

  25. Green, for Spring!

  26. Pink! I love that it is girlie and sweet!

  27. I love the turquoise and plum. Both make remind me to stay calm as these are two of my favorite colors :)

  28. Christine says:

    My favorite color is teal blue. It makes me think of water.

  29. Mandee P says:

    My favorite color is pink. It reminds of childhood and my imagined princess stories. It reminds of the flowers I carried at my wedding. It reminds me of joy and pleasure. I also love lemon yellow! Reminds me of sunshine, summer, more flowers, dear friends from high school. I just can’t be sad around yellow or pink!

  30. My favorite color is blue. It reminds me of the sky, the ocean, tranquility, expansiveness, depth.

  31. I “Liked” Simple Homemade on fb.

  32. Kristen M. says:

    My favorite color is green. I’m inspired by greens found in nature. Green also reminds me of my 10th wedding anniversary trip to N. Ireland. My second favorite color is orange. It’s bold, fun, and playful. I love to decorate with splashes of orange.

  33. My favorite color is orangey red which reminds me of sunsets ( which is one of my most favorite times of the day)

  34. Connie Bolick Lee says:

    My favorite color is blue. It makes me think of blue skies on a bright sunny day, and blue water around a tropical island.

  35. Connie Bolick Lee says:

    I like Allora Handmade and Simple Homemade on facebook

  36. Count me in as another green lover. Especially a sort of dusky, slightly greyed pea-soup green. Paired with brown, it makes me feel like I’m walking in the woods.

  37. I liked you both on Facebook.

  38. lemon-it reminds me of sunshine, a bowl of fresh lemons, summer & my mom

  39. I’ve always loved green, the color of new leaves.

  40. My favorite color is green, which reminds me of the beauty of spring, and the promise of new life.

  41. Purple–flowers, just before dark, Princesses.

  42. A clean, grass green. I love the thought of growing things!

  43. Green! It makes me think of LIFE!

  44. My favorite color is purple because it reminds me of my grandma, who loved it so much that she painted her house purple.

  45. Erin Stewart says:

    My favorite color is light/bright Tiffany blue. It makes me think of cheerful sunny days, sundresses, the beach, and, of course, Tiffany&Co. =)

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway and introducing us to such lovely accessories!

  46. Erin Stewart says:

    I have liked both of your pages on Facebook. =) Thanks again!

  47. I love these necklaces- mustard yellow!!

  48. My favorite color is teal- the not-so-bright teal that is on my favorite vintage Pyrex dishes and looks like the ocean on my honeymoon…

  49. I like you both on Facebook!

  50. Amy LaRue says:

    I love red. It makes me think of love, roses and romance!


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